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Wanthai Herbel Shampoo

Special formula shampoo Contains ginseng ingredients natural extracts and various types of herbs Helps reduce hair loss, thinning hair, weak hair roots, strengthens new hair roots, eliminates dandruff, and solves scalp problems.

Extracts from various types of herbs bring about products Specifically for maintaining the beauty of the hair


Ginseng Shampoo

For Normal-Oily Hair

Contains ginseng and various herbs. Prevents hair loss, reduces itching, dandruff and scalp inflammation. Removes remaining dirt thoroughly. Helps nourish and strengthen hair roots.

Extra Hair Tonic Spray

For Normal-Oily Hair

Prevents dandruff, relieves itching and fungus on the scalp. Reduce hair loss Strengthen new hair roots Treats inflammation of the hair roots Prevent premature graying of hair Makes hair black and shiny.

Silky Haircoat

For All Hair Types

Nourishes hair roots and scalp Heals hair that has split ends. Restores dry and damaged hair Prevents itching and heals wounds on the scalp. Soft and shiny hair

Ginseng Silky Haircoat

Special formula Hair Coat contains the nutrient of Ginseng and various natural herbal exacts. Gives a real natural value. Specially enrich your hair. Help coat to the weak and dry split-end hair, which lose moisture, damaged from sunlight and chemical. Restore dry and lose weight hair into lively and shiny. Prevent static, makes the hair soft, silky and really elegant look.

Ginseng Hair Tonic

It gets rid of dandruff, prevents itchy scalp and hair fall. It can reduce fungus and bacteria on the scalp. It cures hair root inflammation, improves and enhances new hair growth and stimulates blood circulation. With Ginseng and high class herbs, it helps to protect hair from turninggray and gets rid of residue chemicals. Simply apply one drop on the scalp and gently massage without rinsing. It is suitable for those who have problems with regular hair fall. Apply every time after washing.

Rose Phyto Placenta Cream

Valuable innovation of Rose Placenta and various herbal extracts.  For the ultimate in nourishment that is fast absorbed but deeply. To solve skin problems that face pollution, sunlight and aging. Helps lessen wrinkles, dull skin, dark spots and freckles. Your skin naturally radiant, look younger, tightened, smooth and firm.

Recommended Products

Silky Haircoat

Return balance to the hair. With the value of orange peel extract Helps nourish hair roots and scalp Protect hair from sunlight Hair that has been permed, dyed, straightened, and has split ends restores dry and damaged hair to be healthier.

Moringa Soap

The soap is rich in ingredients of moringa, millet, rice bran oil, soy protein and licorice. Helps reduce the causes of acne, blemishes and dark spots on the face.

Ginseng Silky Haircoat

With the nutritional value of ginseng Helps coat hair that is easily damaged, dry, split ends, and lacking weight, bringing it back to life. shiny Hair is truly beautiful and healthy.


shower Cream Turmeric & Honey

Gentle formula Helps clean and preserve moisture for the skin. Reduce irritation and maintain the balance of skin nourishment. Improves the condition of dry, flaky skin to become smooth, clear, and healthy.

Silky Haircoat

Return balance to the hair. With the value of orange peel extract Helps nourish hair roots and scalp Normalizes blood circulation, restores, nourishes, closes hair scales damaged by pollution, sunlight, and chemicals. Conditions hair that is frizzy, dry, brittle, and split ends to become smooth, shiny, weightless, not tangled, and does not generate static electricity.

Ginseng Silky Haircoat

Restores dry, damaged, easily damaged hair, and split ends from loss of moisture. Helps nourish and close hair scales damaged by pollution. Sunlight and chemicals Adjust the condition of frizzy hair Make it smooth, shiny, weightless, tangle-free, and free from static electricity.



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