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Blink Body Set

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Blink Body Set include:

  • Wanthai Whitening Body Cream size 210 g.
  • Shower Cream size 300 ml.
  • Body Scrub Walnut Extract 300 ml.
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Blink Body Set include:

Wanthai Whitening Body Cream
Enriched with sweet almond and many herbal extracts. Moisture your skin to a deeper level and protects your skin from losing water naturally. With almond oil, it protects oil skin levels to be balanced and also gives your skin elasticity and not being too dry with natural almond essence. Leaves your skin soft, freshness and touchable.

Shower Cream
Turmeric and Honey shower cream Brings out the best of honey to nourish and cherish the skin softly. This shower cream made of Turmeric and Honey leaves your skin clean with turmeric extracts. It reduces irritation and moisturizes helping to control and keep the skin nourished and moisture balanced. It returns flaky skin to be soft, bright and healthy and it is suitable for all kinds of skin conditions

Body Scrub Walnut Extract
Enriched with walnuts and various herbal extracts, this cleansing body scrub helps to clean your skin deeply unlike any other kind. It contains walnuts, almonds, and ground Tea tree which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells gently and encourages new skin cell growth to be stronger, softer and white. To make your skin long to touch.

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