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Shiny Set By Orange

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Shiny Set By Orange Include

  • Wanthai Silky Hair Coat size 85 ml.
  • Wanthai Natural Hair Treatment 250 g.
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Shiny Set By Orange Include

Wanthai Silky Hair Coat
It returns balance back to your hair. It enriches with orange peel extracts which help to nourish the hair root and scalp, maintaining normal blood circulation and protecting hair from sunlight, perming, coloring, blow drying and straightening. It goes directly to heal dry split ends causing the hair to be healthier. It has vitamin C to protect from itchiness and heals any scratches on the scalp, making hair soft and sleek and also protects from static electricity friction from combing. Wanthai Silky Hair coat is composed of many natural extracts to make hair soft and sleek like silk. Apply only once and you can feel the difference

Wanthai Natural Hair Treatment
This product is for making hair look sleek and beautiful naturally. It also protects and nourishes dry, weak, split ends, weightlessness caused from the lack of moisture in the hair and scalp and also protects hair damaged from sunlight, pollution, chemical treatments (perming, hair dry, blow dry) to be back in better and healthier condition. With mixed extracts of seaweed and other herbs that help make your hair softer, darker, more volume, and not tangled. It reduces static and it will make your hair look beautiful and sleek as silk. You can feel the difference.

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